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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

LOCATION: Gurugram, Haryana

STATUS: Completed

DESIGN TEAM: ATPL Architecture & Lighting(@atpl_architecture_lighting)

UNDER THE NEEM is a Restaurant nestled in the lap of a luxurious green expansive campus- Karma Lakelands. UTN is known for its Farm to Plate organic food, and it encourages an environmental friendly lifestyle. The restaurant is popular not just for its food but also for its

‘el fresco’ dining experience.

The outdoor lighting has been designed to encourage the patrons to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. The intimate outdoor dining area has been lit so that the patrons feel secure and cozy. The lighting levels are low however by lighting up and accentuating the surrounding greens using linear grazers, it creates a brighter visual boundary, thereby creating a sense of enclosure while of sitting in the lap of Nature. Mounted on a catenary system bespoke light fixtures woven from cane is used to create ambient lighting around the tables and the seating area. Candles and potable fire places have also been specified as part of the design to enhance the User experience and create a more intimate and warm environment, ideal for the winters.

Selected tree canopies are celebrated and highlighted. Concealed lights have also been located within the tree canopy so that the light filters through the leaves creating a dappled Moonlight effect.

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