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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Chevron is a Night Club and a fine dinning restaurant located on the outskirts of Delhi.

LOCATION: Gurugram, Haryana

STATUS: Completed

DESIGN TEAM: ATPL Architecture & Lighting(@atpl_architecture_lighting)

Chevron is a fine dining restaurant that doubles up as a Night club in the later half of the evening. Located in Gwal pahadi on the outskirts of Delhi, Chevron is also popular as a day time club amongst college student for their clandestine partying .

The lighting design intent was to create a scheme that allows the restaurant to pivot very quickly into a bar/ night club . Linear RGBw lights have been used to accentuate the strong geometric paneling on the walls. The Concealed linear lights help in creating a soft ethereal feeling to the space .

The programmable RGB lights allow the entire space to be washed in a monochromatic light or in multiple colors creating a prismatic or dichroic effect. The fluid ever changing multicolored light can create a soothing lounge atmosphere or can pulsate to EDM to create a thriving night club.

Strategically placed narrow beam down lights, light up the tables and allow for practical functions like reading the menu and dinning.

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