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Founded in New Delhi in 1983, ATPL is an Architectural Practice.


We are a dynamic team with a design approach that is responsive to the clients needs.

We strive to create unique design aesthetics in our projects with a harmonious balance between- New and Old, Simplicity and Complexity and Natural and Built Environment.


Under the guidance of our Principal architect-  Ashok Tandon, we have designed projects ranging from Private Residences, Public and Commercial Spaces, Schools, Colleges and other Institutional Buildings, Laboratories and Technical Buildings to Restaurants Boutiques and Theme Parks, to name a few.


ATPL has also collaborated with domestic and international architectural practices for various projects


Adhok Tandon



Ashok Tandon graduated in Architecture in 1963, from Delhi Polytechnic, now School Of Planning and Architecture Delhi.

He started his career with Kothari and Associates. In 1977 he started his independent architectural practice. He went on to establish Ashok Tandon & Associates Pvt. Ltd, now ATPL Architects in 1983. 

Over the years he has lead ATPL in collaborations with various other design practices, in India and overseas.

He has spearheaded the design team in various project typologies, these range from Townships, educational campuses, Commercial complexes and buildings, Hospitality and residential to name a few. 

For him design is a way of life.




Maneck Tandon is a partner at ATPL. Apart from his bachelors in architecture, he has a Masters degree in Architecture, Architectural Lighting Design and has also studied Photography. He is also a visiting faculty at SPA, Delhi.

Intrigued by light, Maneck has always strived to integrate light into all his designs. He believes when used intelligently it can transform spaces and perceptions.
Maneck is passionate about light. He recognizes the need to look beyond the traditional quantitative approach to a more holistic outlook integrating, aesthetics, functionality, environmental and economic considerations, while evoking a sense of identity, security, positivity and community in people. 

He believes Lighting design is as much about darkness as it is about light.

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